T Salon Tea

At the T Salon, we are dedicated to more than providing a great tasting cup of tea; we believe in the culture of tea drinking, the wellness that stems from careful blending of notes, and giving the benefits of our experience to the world at large. Our teas are imbued with a personal passion for tantalizing scents and tastes that comes from 25 years of seeking perfection.
Miriam Novelle, the CEO and Founder, has used her inspiration to create the carefully chosen teas that are now available to inspire our customers.
Our selections from our Wellness Teas to our Blended Teas, and from Artea to Iced Tea provide full flavors and a healthy balance. T Salon’s richly aromatic teas are steeped in a conscientious approach to creating a better, more informed world by striving to design each tea with sustainability in mind, thinking of the next generation and giving back to the earth. Let us inspire you and challenge your conceptions of what it means to have a “cuppa” tea.
Miriam Novalle,A Founder