Welcome to Give JuBe!

Welcome to Give JuBe! It’s Jew Bee, not “Joob”….as in, Just Because. We think you should give gifts just because you want to – not because you feel like you have to – and that the gift should reflect your personality and the recipient’s personality.
But who has time for that?
Shopping should be fun and easy, but it doesn’t always work that way. Life is busy and there is so much going. So. Much. Going. On.
We wanted to change that. No more giving gift cards for us. We wanted our family and friends to feel special.
Enter in Give JuBe. Both of our names are Jennifer Brooke (so weird, right?!) and we wanted to do something with the initials J.B. After some brainstorming, we came up with Just Because. BUT…that domain was taken at the time, so we created Give JuBe instead.
We like it. It’s fun to say.
The original idea was a fitness box, because we’re both into fitness and have another site called www.fit-mommas.com. We figured it would be a great gift to give to other moms who are into fitness or want to be into fitness. The idea expanded when my house (Jen Adair) started to look like a Walmart since I manage Amazon accounts for small and medium sized companies. Why not help these smaller companies get more recognition by bundling them with name brand items? Every gift would be slightly different and we’d be helping everyone in the process!
So, now we have Give JuBe.
Other stuff…ummm…we are both married (sorry fellas! ha!), have kids, and live in Fayetteville, Arkansas. If you have any questions, reach out at info@givejube.com.
Jen Adair and Jennifer Ridge