We’re a tiny company, often a crew of two or three, but have had the good fortune to create something truly noteworthy with big reach. Jojo’s Sriracha has been featured in Sriracha, the documentary and on The Cooking Channel. I’ve been filmed by Liza de Guia, a James Beard award-winning food documentarian and had the privilege of collaborating with Joel Peterson, founding winemaker of Ravenswood Winery, on our wine-infused sriracha. Since moving our production from shared kitchens in Brooklyn to our own 323 sq. ft. commercial kitchen in Denver, we have worked closely with farms in both Colorado and New Mexico to create a unique green chili sriracha that is indicative of the region. Did I mention it’s awesome?
Not only does sriracha not have to be full of sugar and preservatives, it also doesn’t have to be made solely from red chilis. Our Ravenswood and green chili srirachas are great examples of the complexity and concentration of flavor that come form the alchemy of great ingredients, fermentation and care.